The First Six Months

By 16th September 2015Graduate Recruitment

It seems strange to think that Graduate Transitions opened for business six months ago today. The time has gone by in a flash and it has been enjoyable, educational and exhilarating. Here are a few of the things that I’ve learned:

  • The thrill of winning my first project was like nothing I’ve ever felt before.
  • Professional networks are invaluable – AGCAS, AGR, PlaceNet and NASES have all given me great opportunities to get out, meet people, listen, learn and contribute.
  • Twitter has been great too – a re-tweeted tweet led to an opportunity this summer.
  • The sense of isolation has been hard to adjust to, especially after working with such a fabulous, engaging and vibrant team at City. A wise man called Hugh Jones (@‪hughjconsulting) warned me that I’d miss the personal validation that we get from the chat at the coffee point every morning, and he was right.
  • Being a little bit OCD is very valuable if you are a freelancer – you have to be well organised. My love of a good spread sheet has reached a whole new level.
  • I enjoy coming to London a lot more now that I don’t have to commute in the rush hour every day!
  • You never know where a conversation will lead. I’ve been lucky enough to win work thanks to the briefest of chats that led to a recommendation that led to an enquiry that led to a project.

Setting up on my own has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done, as well as one of the scariest. If you are thinking of doing something similar do get in touch – I’d be happy to share my experiences.

Finally, a huge thank you to all the individuals who have helped me with advice, encouragement, the offer of a chat, and the occasional coffee / beer / glass of wine. Your support has been much appreciated.

Here’s to the next six months.


  • Hugh Jones says:

    Is it really six months? Blimey! And I do like being called wise – thank you for that!

  • Kapil Kapur says:


    Great that you have done this. What sort of contacts are you looking for ?

    • Gary Argent says:

      Hi Kaps – most of my work so far has been with universities that are keen to support the employability prospects of their students, or with employers that are keen to develop their approach to campus graduate recruitment. I’ve had the opportunity to work on both sides in the past at Logica and City Uni, which gives me an interesting perspective. Hope all is well with you at Fingertips Intelligence?

  • Lindsey Baker says:

    I want to see these spreadsheets! Gary, you deserve everything fantastic that happens to you!

  • Simon Cain says:

    Gary, congrats on what sounds like a successful and enjoyable (if perhaps a little scary) first 6 months! I may have a useful contact for you so will drop you through the details. Best

  • Kathryn Foot says:

    Such a great post Gary; after chatting to you at NASES I have no doubt that you are going to be very successful – you have so much experience! I too took a leap of faith and have recently joined an SME so I can relate to a lot of what you have written. Hopefully see you at a conference or 2 in the near future!!

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